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Unnayan Banka

The startling fact that there are more than 400 million mobile users in the country. Against this backdrop, mobile based learning platform (Eckovation) and ICT is used for providing contextualised and interactive video learning modules, continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students performance and cohort learning facilities to students involving use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

"Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya: Accessibility of education to the palms of the students"


The initiative aims to provide Quality School Education in India by leveraging technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system. The approach is towards institutional building and ensuring sustainability through capacity building of teachers and administration.

Competitive Exams

The students are preparing for various competitive exams like Bihar Board Exam, JEE Mains, SSC-CGL, Bank PO, UPSC and various advanced skills like Web Development, Android Development, Programming Languages, Machine Learning etc. AI based technology is used for tracking the performance of the student over a period of time for mentoring and counselling purpose.


Under the Unnayan initiative, today students are learning General English, Reasoning and Aptitude skills along with higher software technical skills like designing websites, programming skills and android app development. For the first time in the district, 17 students received placement offers from Tata Consultancy Services based on their reasoning and aptitude, opening doors to the private sector for these students.

"The project has been recognised under the "Innovation" Category of Prime Minister's Excellence Award for Public Administration, 2018 and is expanding in various districts PAN India."




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App users in Banka


Eckovation Providing Quality Public School Education in remote areas by leveraging technology

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